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    Poles trust the army, says survey

    The trust of Poles in the Polish Army is a reason to be proud and an even greater motivation to act for Poland and Poles, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak emphasized on Monday referring to the IBRiS survey for Onet.

    “The Polish Army is the best-rated institution by Poles, according to the latest IBRIS survey. This is a reason to be proud and even more motivated to act for Poland and Poles. Thank you to all the soldiers who work for this trust every day,” the head of the Ministry of National Defense wrote on Twitter.

    The published IBRiS survey for Onet shows that Poles, when asked about their trust in the army, NATO, the European Union, the police, the Church, courts, government, parliament and the Constitutional Tribunal, most often indicate the army.

    The survey shows that the Polish army is trusted by 74.1 percent of respondents, with 26.4 percent “definitely” and “rather” – 47.6 percent. Lack of confidence was expressed by 11.5 percent of the survey participants (8.4 percent “rather” and 3.1 percent “definitely”).


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