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    Prime Minister after the summit in Brussels: We killed two birds with one stone

    ‘Today, we have a very good budget, it is a special budget for this time’ – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the air of RMF FM on Saturday morning (12 Dec 2020). He was a guest of Krzysztof Ziemiec. He admitted that voices concerning compromise are different, but Prime Minister firmly said that ‘Sovereignty is an ability to realize one’s interests among other countries. We killed two birds with one stone. We have strengthened our financial position, and we maintained a strengthened mechanism which will protect us from other countries’ arbitrary treatment’.

    Krzysztof Ziemiec asked Prime Minister about former Prime Minister’s words. Donald Tusk said that ‘Polish government indisputably adopted Berlin’s dictatorship’. 


    ‘Issues concerning interests’ protections mean that we can, simultaneously, realize our interests in the international environment and maintain the introduction of our opinions’ – said Morawiecki. 


    ’770 billion PLN for 7 years. This money will be spent quite fast during the first years. I promise that there will be many different problems on the way, but we will realize our interests – emphasised Prime Minister. 


    Mateusz Morawiecki also ensured that ‘if someone broke the promise after the conclusions, s/he would see how powerful Poland, Hungary and Visegrad Group are’. 


    ‘I will convince our friends to maintain unity. We were able to implement many issues. We have strengthened Poland on the international stage, in social or historical politics. It values a lot. It is worth implementing the program of United Right. I will encourage everyone to this and I hope it will work’ – he declared on the air of RMF FM. 


    Krzysztof Ziemiec also asked Polish Prime Minister about vaccines. 


    ‘I would like the process of vaccination in Poland to start as fast as it is possible’ – said Morawiecki. He also promised that he would get vaccinated if only his doctor would allow him to do so. ‘Vaccination will be in the appropriate order – medical staff, uniformed services and the elderly’ – added.


    ‘We will provide an awareness-raising campaign to encourage Poles to vaccinate themselves. There will be many vaccination facilities’ – convinced Prime Minister. 



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