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    Bombs detonated at two Polish supermarkets in the Netherlands

    Two Polish grocery stores named “Biedronka” were targeted by bomb attacks in the Netherlands. The explosions took place this morning. One store was located in Aalsmeer, the other in Heeswijk-Dinther. Fortunately, no one died in the blasts. The owner of both stores, Mohamed Mahmoed, claims that his competition is behind these attacks.


    “We turned to the Dutch authorities to secure the safety of all Poles who are currently in the country.” said the Polish deputy minister of foreign affairs, Paweł Jabłoński when asked about the explosions in Polish stores in Holland. He emphasized that the owners of the stores are not Poles, even though the attacks could be nationally motivated. “I believe there is some ethnic theme behind these attacks; even if they weren’t aimed at Poles, then at the owners of the stores.” The deputy minister added that the situation is very troubling. All owners are Iraqi Kurds and they hired Poles to sell Polish products, under the brand name well known in Poland – “Biedronka”. The Dutch law enforcement is investigating the matter.  


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