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    Several ski resorts in Poland to remain open

    Some ski resorts were open on Saturday morning in Podkarpacie, incl. the slope of Gromadzyń in Ustrzyki Dolne and in Puławy Górne near Rymanów. There are no conditions for skiing tourism in the Bieszczady Mountains. Hiking routes are slippery.

    As Grzegorz Wołczan, the lifeguard on duty from the Bieszczady GOPR (Mountain Rescue Party) group pointed out, it is windless or windy in the mountains.

    “In the morning, thermometers showed from zero degrees Celsius in Ustrzyki Górne to two degrees frost in Cisna. However, the perceived temperature is lower than the thermometers show,” said Wołczan.

    He added that “hiking routes are muddy and slippery.”

    “The lack of snow makes it impossible to go skiing,” he noted.

    The lifeguard reminded that due to the shorter and shorter days, you have to go to the mountains early of the daytime and return earlier.

    Some downhill routes are open in the Bieszczady Mountains and the Low Beskids incl. in Puławy Górne near Rymanów in the Low Beskids and on the slope of Gromadzyń in Ustrzyki Dolne.

    On their websites, ski resorts remind about the sanitary restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.


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