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    The Independence Cruise

    The most beautiful Polish tall ship Dar Młodzieży “The Gift of Youth” set sail for a voyage around the world to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence.

    “Tell the world how beautiful Poland is” – This was the message from the Polish Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation during the departure ceremony of The Independence Cruise #RejsNiepodległości 

    The year 2018 is a very special and important one for Poland. One hundred years ago in November 1918, after 123 years of foreign rule, captivity and oppression, Poland regained its independence. To commemorate this historical event the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, the Gdynia Maritime University and the Pallottine Missionary Foundation launched the Independence Cruise to promote Poland’s history and culture around the world. The journey began on May 20th 2018 from a port in Gdynia, in the Northern Poland. The legendary Tall Ship will sail around the world visiting 22 ports in 18 countries. In January 2019 the Ship will dock in Panama for World Youth Day. The Independence Cruise is an event directly referring to the historic cruise of Dar Pomorza, which circumnavigated the globe in 1934 and 1935. “The Gift of Youth” and close to one thousand young Poles are our ambassadors throughout this journey. Besides the promotional advantages this offers, the representatives of Poland’s government and economic world in each port are meeting with their counterparts to strengthen relationships with international partners. 
    “The Gift of Youth” was built in 1982 at Gdansk Shipyard and owned by the Gdynia Maritime Academy since then, she replaced the beautiful and legendary Dar Pomorza which had trained future officers of merchant and fishing fleets for over fifty years.  
     The route of the Independence Cruise 

    1.    Gdynia – Copenhagen (May 20th, 2018 – May 30th, 2018) 
    2.    Copenhagen – Szczecin (June 1st, 2018 – June 10th/12th, 2018) 
    3.    Szczecin – Tenerife (June 14th, 2018 – July 10th, 2018) 
    4.    Tenerife – Capetown (July 12th, 2018 – August 15th, 2018) 
    5.    Capetown– Singapore (August 17th 2018 – October 9th, 2018) 
    6.    Singapore – Osaka (October 12th, 2018 – November 13th, 2018) 
    7.    Osaka – Los Angeles (November 16th, 2018 – December 25th, 2018) 
    8.    Los Angeles – Panama (December 28th, 2018 – January 22nd,  2019) 
    9.    Panama – Gdynia (January 28th, 2019 – March 28th, 2019) 

    To track the current location of the ship: 

    More information about the Independence Cruise can be found at the website:  
    The live report from the “Independence Cruise” can be found at: 

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