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    The President will inaugurate the work of the new office

    – A new office to support the President’s international activities is scheduled to be inaugurated at the Presidential Palace on April 15; its name will be: Office of International Policy of the President of the Republic of Poland – informed the Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szczerski, who is the President’s representative for the creation of the Office.

    As he pointed out, this will be “the implementation of the presidential announcement on strengthening organizationally and institutionally the part of the presidential administration that is responsible for international policy tasks”.


    – We approach this announcement in a design, task-oriented and not strictly bureaucratic way, so we do not start with headquarters or equipment. The office is created from the transformation of the Foreign Affairs Office, which has previously been operating in the Presidential Chancellery and will be an independent part within the Chancellery of the President of the Republic – said Szczerski.


    – Within the framework of the Office of International Policy, the Secretariat for the Three Seas Initiative will be created – as a separate team for coordinating matters concerning the Tri-Sea Initiative – informed the Presidential Minister. 


    As he pointed out, as part of the changes in international policy, the President will also establish the College of The President of the Republic on International Policy, “that is, the collegiate advisory body of the President, which will function at the Office of International Policy”. Szczerski emphasized that the College would not be a party or political, but an expert and advisory.


    On 15 April, on the day of the inauguration of the Office of International Policy, the President will appoint the Head of the Office and, if epidemic conditions allow, the inaugural meeting of the College of The President of the Republic of Poland on International Policy will take place.


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