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    The Tri-City ring road is being built

    Despite the pandemic, the S6 road is being built, which will be part of the Tri-City metropolitan ring road. It is an arterial road that will bring new opportunities and prospects for Pomerania, and also gives an impulse to the economy, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.

    The Prime Minister participated in the contract signing ceremony for the construction of the Tri-City Metropolitan Ring Road near Milwino.

    He emphasized that the government supports building, inter alia, ring roads and viaducts in order to ensure the highest possible driving comfort, safety, clean air on the one hand, but also – on the other hand – to “give this economic impulse”. He stressed that after the pandemic, the Polish economy would need this impulse very much.

    “Modern roads that connect people and entrepreneurs, connect their interests, connect voivodeships, connect Poland – such roads will be the key to economic success,” said the Prime Minister.

    Morawiecki also argued that the Polish path of saving jobs turned out to be effective, which was to be shown by the data from the European Commission confirming that Poland has recently had one of the largest increases in employment.



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