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    The first Hydrogen Valley in Poland will be built

    Effective use of modern technology and the creation of the Hydrogen Valley – assumes the letter of intent signed on Tuesday in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The Valley in Podkarpackie voivodeship is to be one of the five to be built in the country.

    The letter was signed in the presence of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka.

    Among the signatories of the document there are, among others Ewa Leniart, Podkarpackie Province voivode, Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province, and representatives of universities, research institutes, government agencies and business.

    The Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Władysław Ortyl, emphasized that the voivodeship’s self-government might support the creation of the Hydrogen Valley with money from various programs, but also in terms of competences and organization.

    Ortyl recalled that Podkarpacie among smart specializations has, among others, aviation and automotive.

    “These elements can be combined, that is the hydrogen drive for buses or airplanes. This is a question of the future and we are facing such a challenge,” he noted.



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