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    In less than 10 minutes he showed why it is worth living by the Vistula River [VIDEO]

    Stefan Tompson, a British-born Pole, posted a video on YouTube in English explaining why he chose to live in Poland. In less than 10 minutes, the popular vlogger not only familiarizes viewers with the history of our country and our culture but also dispels myths about the “parochialism” of Poles. This film is simply a must-see.

    ‘Why did I trade London, one of the world’s capitals, for Warsaw?  That’s one of the questions I’ve heard the most since moving here and the question seems to imply that Poland is not the best place to live.  Well, here is why I think you are wrong…  I choose to live in Warsaw, Poland because it is one of the most wonderful places on earth.’


     – Tompson says.


    In his video, the vlogger emphasizes that our country stands out for its incredible energy and enthusiasm.


    As he says, over the past 30 years, Poland has experienced an economic miracle.  Under communism, Poland was stifled by a centrally planned command economy, but all the change of the political revolution of 1989, when Poland moved to a free-market economy and became a European growth leader between 1992 and 2019.  This is undoubtedly a golden age for Poland given its turbulent history.  Poles are aware that there is still a lot of catching up to do.  As Poland has developed over the past decades, so has the entire region.  The Visegrad Group (V4) is gaining political importance, and the draft of the Three Seas Initiative reveals some of the plans that Poland and the other 12 EU member states in the region have for one of the most ambitious geopolitical projects of our time.  To be even a small part of this political and economic transformation is something truly amazing.


    He goes on to stress that these are the people who create a place where Poles are famous for their hospitality.  How does a vlogger characterize our compatriots?  He stresses that they are resourceful entrepreneurs and hardworking people.  In this context, he recalls the saying “Pole can do”, which proves that Poles can overcome difficulties.


    Tompson also devotes a lot of space to nature and the wildlife he can admire in Poland. Poland is full of wonders, such as the Crooked Forest, which is home to trees of astonishing shapes.  There is also the Masurian Lakeland and the Bieszczady Mountains – a remote and forgotten part of the world, where you can disappear and be truly at one with nature. Vlogger also emphasizes the role of Polish culture and art in the international arena and draws attention to Polish cuisine. In his opinion, the food reflects national character, history, but also the weather


    Finally, he recalls a quote from Adam Mickiewicz:


    “And said Poland: whoever comes to me will be free and equal, for I am Freedom.







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