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    Polish National Parks – Babia Góra National Park

    Babia Góra National Park is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. It was established on 30 October 1954 by the government and is located in the southern part of Poland, in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

    Babia Góra National Park is located in the southern part of Poland, on the border with Slovakia. On the Slovak side of the massif, there is a protected area Horná Orava Protected Landscape Area. The main peak, called Diablak, is the highest point of the Orava Beskids mountain range at 1,725 meters (5,659 ft). 


    The Park’s headquarter is located in Zawoja, where there an Educational Center was established. The educational offer is addressed to every visitor, but especially to children and teenagers. For more information about it, click HERE 


    Additional attractions in and around the Park: 

    – a total of about 57 km of hiking trails 

    – the Diablak peak, which offers a beautiful view of the Beskid range and the Tatra Mountains

    – Babia Góra Plants Garden in Zawoja

    – gallery of works by local artists and craftsmen “Under the Cyl” in Zawoja

    – permanent exhibition presenting natural and cultural values of the Babia Góra region in Zawoja


    Special characteristics: 

    – the second-highest uplifted area in Poland after the Tatra Mountains

    – richness of springs and streams  

    – 19 lakes in the Babia Góra region


    The Park acquired the status of Biosphere Reserve and was included in the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” program in 1977. Its area increased from 1703,70 hectares to 3,391.55 hectares. 


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