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    The new FSO Syrena already on the road. Vosco EV to enter series production this year

    The Vosco S106EV was expected to receive homologation later the previous year and enter series production this year. The Syrena S.A. FSO (Passenger Car Factory) has shared new information about its project. The plans are ambitious

    “Today I can strongly emphasize that our dreams have become reality” – said Mieczysław Wośko the Chairman of Supervisory Board of Syrena FSO S.A. in Kutno.


    Vosco S106EV is a Polish electric car from Kutno, which refers to the iconic Syrena car.  The first electric cars are ready and running on the road – the cars are tested both in traffic and on the track.  Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (Passenger Car Factory) Syrena S.A. has announced that by the end of the previous year “the first Polish electric car” should have received homologation, and this year it would enter mass production.  How many units per year the Kutno plant wants to produce, it hasn’t been known yet?  Why is the “new” Syrena car officially called Vosco?  The manufacturer has no rights to the name


    “It all started in 2014 with an idea that came from a conversation about Polish motoring, which doesn’t exist.  President Mieczysław Wośko stated that he would try to recreate this branch. In 2016, we started building a passenger car reminiscent of the look of the iconic Syrena car. In 2018, after just 2 years, we received small-batch approval for this car” -said Maciej Pawlak the Chairman of the Board


    The technical parameters of the new Vosco are also known.  The S106EV is expected to have a 31.5 kWh battery pack, which should give it about 200 km of range.  In an interview with “” Andrzej Stasiak, the Chief constructor of FSO Syrena, stressed that work had already been underway to increase the range to 250 km, and the first such Vosco would be ready for testing before the end of 2020.  


    We also learned about the power of the electric Syrena car.  The default is expected to be 156 horsepower, but the driver will be able to activate a sport mode that will raise the power up to 240 horsepower.  In our gallery, you will find some pictures of the running prototypes.  On the official “YouTube” channel of FSO Syrena in Kutno S.A., there is also a video where you can see the cars in action.


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