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    Supporting the partitioners and torturers from the Free City of Gdańsk is indecent – says the President of the IPN

    Both the history of Gdańsk and Poznań is complicated and lies on the border of several cultures. The element of objective multiculturalism is part of the history of these cities, worthy of scientific and even commemorative reflection. On the other hand, the affirmative attitude towards the Polish partitioners or torturers from the Free City of Gdańsk is not only silly but also indecent, says Dr. Karol Nawrocki, the new President of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), in an interview with Katarzyna Gójska.

    In an interview for “Gazeta Polska”, Dr. Nawrocki was asked about the accusations that he politicized the Museum of the Second World War, not respecting the local specificity of the history of Pomerania.

    “I honestly admit that I do not understand the arguments regarding the lack of respect for the local experience – it is absurd. Among the changes introduced at the exhibition, I made sure to expose Poles from the Free City of Gdańsk (FCG), who paid the greatest price for their attachment to Polishness. Moreover, the club sports, which is a symbol of Polishness at FCG – Gedania – we took the patronage of the museum and provided support,” replies Nawrocki.

    And explains:

    “Maybe the point is that I dared to emphasize the Polish trace of memory in the Free City of Gdańsk. Anyway, I understand the local specificity very well – I am the grandson of a Polish Kashub from Kczewo, a forced laborer of the Third Reich, whose brother died in defense of Kępa Oksywska. After all, these roots do not exclude natural love for Poland. With reciprocity, anyway”


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