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    The new initiative of BGK

    3W: Woda – Wodór – Węgiel (Water – Hydrogen – Coal) is a new initiative of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the only development bank in Poland which supports the sustainable social and economic development of the country.

    The Bank launches the 3W initiative to support the world of science and business in the development of modern technologies applied in industry, energy, and medicine. These three resources: water, hydrogen, and coal, properly used, will change the Polish economy into a more innovative and competitive one. 3W: Woda – Wodór – Węgiel (Water – Hydrogen – Carbon) is a long-term program to activate society, business, science, and state administration.


    “Why 3W? The reason is very simple – it is woda, wodór I węgiel (water, hydrogen, and coal) that will shape the modern and sustainable economy. Poland has a huge intellectual potential. The innovative solutions that our scientists create should be an inspiration for the development of new businesses. And vice versa: businesses that need new technologies seek support from science. To be successful, we need an integrator that will connect potential scientific and business partners on the one hand, and help create a user-friendly ecosystem on the other. BGK is willing to take on this role,” says Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, President of the Management Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. 


    “We also want to raise awareness among Poles that their everyday decisions have an impact not only on the climate and environment but also on the condition of Polish businesses and the state of our economy,” adds BGK’s CEO.


    3W for an innovative economy


    The analysis of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego shows that three resources: water, hydrogen, and coal, will significantly influence the development of innovative technologies.




    Water as a source of life, but also as an indispensable resource used in industry and energy is of great importance for the further development of new technologies. Managing it skillfully will help us build technology capital. In Poland, there is an average of 1600 m3 of water per inhabitant – three times less than in Europe, so we must take care of retention and drainage systems. It is very important to manage water resources wisely and thoughtfully in a rapidly changing climate.




    Climate changes also mean investing in modern and renewable energy sources. Hydrogen is said to become the fuel of the future, and the entire world is entering a race to lead the way in green hydrogen production. We have a chance to be the leader in this race. Hydrogen valleys, wind farms that produce green hydrogen, hydrogen buses, and trains are not a song of the future at all. These are things that are already happening.




    We think of coal primarily as a rock that pollutes our air when burned. BGK wants to support the use of non-energy coal in modern technologies. Its innovative applications can be found in medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, construction. Carbon means also graphene and carbon nanotubes.


    One of the important activities of the BGK initiative is to be the creation of the 3W Centre. Its task will be to develop know-how and, in the long run, to strengthen the competitiveness of Polish enterprises dealing with the use of hydrogen, water, and innovative coal technologies.


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