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    The house where the Jews were hidden is available to visitors

    On Wednesday, on the 82nd anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, the house where Jews were hidden during the German occupation will be opened to visitors in Markowa (Podkarpackie voivodeship). The Wednesday’s ceremony will be attended by, among others, the Vice-President of the Institute of National Remembrance Dr. Mateusz Szpytma.

    From January 1943 to July 1944, in the attic of the house, Antoni and Dorota Szyllar and their relatives the seven-person Jewish Weltz family were hidden.

    Intended for the demolition the so-called Szyllar cottage was bought and reconstructed. The work was co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage, and Sport and with the financial support of the local government of the Podkarpackie voivodeship.

    At least twenty-one Jews survived the occupation in Markowa, which had a population of about 4.5 thousand. Before the Second World War, about 120 Jews lived in this village. The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II has been operating there for five years.

    On March 24, 1944, in Markowa, the Germans murdered eight Jews and the Ulma family who were hiding them.

    Also on September 1, representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance and local government authorities will lay flowers on the graves of Westerplatte defenders being in the Podkarpacie region.


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