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    Polish National Park – Drawa National Park

    The Drawa National Park is located in north-western Poland, on the border of three voivodeships – Wielkopolska Region, Lubuskie Region, and Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. The name of the Park is from the River Drawa.

    The area of the Drawa National Park (DNP) and its buffer zone is situated on the Równina Drawska, which is a fragment of the South Pomeranian Lakeland in north-western Poland. It occupies the central part of the forest complex called the Drawsko Wilderness. 


    The DPN represents a landscape of early glacial outwash plains. It is entirely located in the basin of the river Drawa, which together with its tributary – Płociczna, constitute its main hydrographic axis. Both rivers flow through a wide lane of outwashes, which were formed from sands created by the melting glacier waters flowing towards the Toruń-Eberswald valley.


    Forests dominate superficially – they constitute more than 80 percent of the Park area – mainly beech forests, alder-lined meadows, and swamps, as well as patches of pine forests. Peat bogs along with water and meadow ecosystems are also characteristic elements of the Park’s nature.


    Additional information: 

    – the crest animal of the Drawa National Park is the otter,

    – the fauna is represented by more than 200 species of vertebrates,

    – it is situated only 101 km from Szczecin and 97 km from Poznań, 

    – you can buy tickets online.


    For more information about the Park, click here


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