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    The legend of Polish theater, cabaret, and the film Wiesław Gołas died

    Wiesław Gołas, one of the most popular Polish actors, who played over 120 film, theater, and television roles, has died. The actor died on Thursday, September 9 in the morning. He had been struggling with serious health problems for a long time.

    A wider audience knows Gołas from the role of Tomek Czereśniak in the series “Four Tank-Men and a Dog”. The actor also appeared in “Elderly Gentlemen’s Cabaret”, the popular in the People’s Republic of Poland series “Captain Sowa on the trail” or the films “Wife for an Australian”, “Saragossa Manuscript”, “Doll”, “Man – Woman Wanted”.

    On October 9 last year, Wiesław Gołas turned 90 years old. “I did not foresee such a serious age for myself, but since this was ordered in heaven, I do not object,” he said then.

    A few days after his birthday, the actor had a stroke. Four months later, Maria Krawczyk-Gołas revealed that her husband was fine, but had trouble speaking. On September 4, the actor was hospitalized after a second stroke. The ambulance took him from the House of Veterans of Polish Stage Artists in Skolimów, where he was temporarily staying.


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