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    Lubelskie Region Cuisine

    Dishes from Lublin cuisine have always been characterized by simplicity and nutritiousness. The culinary heritage of the Lublin region is related to its border location where the Eastern and Western cultures meet.

    The range of regional dishes and tastes is very rich and diverse, as evidenced by more than 200 items entered on the List of Traditional Products.


    Lublin cuisine was shaped in times when merchants from the furthest corners of the world came to Lublin’s famous fairs in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is dominated by dishes from the menus of the old inhabitants of the region, where simple dishes of poor peasants were intertwined with sophisticated landowners’ dishes.


    The image of Lublin cuisine is complemented by dishes prepared on the basis of buckwheat – one of the main traditional products of the region. The districts of Janów and Biłgoraj are the leaders in buckwheat cultivation.


    The Lublin region is the second-largest fruit producer after Masovia, and apple crops are concentrated in the neighborhood of Kraśnik. These are old varieties, such as Antonovka or White Transparent, and they are used mainly for natural juices, but also for local delicacies, such as apple pie from Józefów or jabłówka from Mikołajówka. Apple processing in this area has a long tradition.


    The most popular dishes in the Lubelskie Region:

    – cebularz (famous snack),

    – Kazimierz cockerel,

    – buckwheat pig,

    – Lublin poultry forszmak,

    – sękacz.


    Stay tuned! We are preparing recipes for dishes from Lubelskie Region ?


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