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    PGE supported the purchase of original Home Army documents

    The PGE Foundation made another donation to the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Museum for the purchase of original conspiracy documents of the Home Army from 1943-1944. The collection consists of reports, combat reports, situational reports from the units included in the 2nd Region of the 1st District of Śródmieście South of the Home Army.

    “PGE once again became the founder of the collection of documents of the insurgent troops, which will be handed over to the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Museum in order to supplement the priceless collection of archives. It is especially important to us that these documents concern the insurgent fights that took place in the area of Rondo de Gaulle’a (Charles de Gaulle’s roundabout – editor’s note) and Mysia Street in Warsaw, where the PGE headquarters is located. It was in this area that, among others, the battles of the “Miłosz” Battalion or the Iwo Battalion, whose reports and orders, thanks to our support, will be displayed at the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Museum,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski, president of the management board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna (Polish Energy Group).

    The collection includes, among others Bogumił special order of October 2, 1944, on the upcoming surrender, protocol of the “Miłosz” Battalion on the hiding place of September 20, 1944, reports on the capture of Mała “Pasta”, daily order with information about promotions, with a list of pseudonyms and places, where the soldier fought.





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