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    UPDATE: Kanał Sportowy has disappeared from YouTube! We are outraged

    Quite unexpectedly, the official “Kanał Sportowy” account on YouTube was blocked today. Could it be that the internet giants are also taking on platforms that provide sports content?  – One day you’re there, the next day you’re gone.  The lack of clear regulations on online censorship will be devastating, says Deputy Minister Sebastian Kaleta.

    Kanał Sportowy (The Sports Channel – editor’s note) is a leader of online sports media in Poland. The platform founded by Krzysztof Stanowski, Michał Pol, Mateusz Borek and Tomasz Smokowski on YouTube has gained huge publicity. Programs on sports, but also on other topics – because there were also political conversations, interviews with artists, etc. – gained huge publicity on the Internet. 
    Today, however, KS fans were in for a nasty surprise – there are no new shows because the channel has been blocked!

    The blockade took place shortly after the program of Krzysztof Stanowski and Robert Mazurek. In the new format, the journalist duo talked, among other things, about MEP Sylwia Spurek’s absurd idea of banning fishing and hunting;  there was also a story about a transgender female MMA fighter. Could it be that journalists’ views don’t appeal to YouTubers?
    One thing we know for sure: the Kanał Sportowy is gone, and it’s another sign of internet censorship by the social media giants. Fans of the channel are outraged.

    UPDATE 21:30 GMT+2
    Quick intervention and quick action. The Sports Channel is back on YouTube.  Congratulations! 
    The Kanał Sportowy’s official Facebook page confirms that the channel is back on YouTube. The good news was to be brought by the channel’s president himself, Maciej Sawicki.




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