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    46. Polish Film Festival

    One of the oldest film events in Europe, promotion of Polish cinematography, crucial Polish film event. Another edition, new films, new emotions.

    The complete list of films that will compete for the Golden and Silver Lions in the 46th Main Competition of the Polish Film Festival was published on the Polish Film Festival website. There is also a list of films that will compete in the Short Film Competition and the Microbudget Film Competition.


    Sixteen films have qualified for the Main Competition of the 46th Polish Film Festival. Following the regulations of the 46th FPFF, the selection of films for the Main Competition was made by Tomasz Kolankiewicz, Artistic Director, who appointed the Selection Team as an advisory body (film expert Paulina Kwiatkowska, film critic Adriana Prodeus, film directors: Paweł Maślona and Janusz Zaorski), and the Organizing Committee. We present the results of the festival selection.


    46. Polish Film Festival will take place between 20-25 September 2021 in Gdynia. 


    The list of films for the Main Competition.


    The list of films for the Short Film Competition.


    The list of films for the Microbudget Film Competition.


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