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    FIA Rally Star in Poland – you can still take part

    There are only a few days left and only a few places left to take part in Polish qualifiers of the FIA Rally Star project, which will be held on 25th-26th September on Modlin Circuit.

    The FIA Rally Star project, which aims to find talented rally drivers, is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 26. In the first stage, it allows you to choose the motorsport competition track “Car Slalom” and the e-sports track “Digital Challenge”. The e-sports competition platform is the WRC 9 game with the FIA Rally Star DLC. This stage, organised in Poland by the Polish Motor Association (PZM), is aimed at selecting a group of talented people who will qualify for further eliminations at the continental and then world level. The next step is for the FIA to train and support the future stars of the World Rally Championship.


    Participants in the Polish eliminations in the “Car Slalom” track will be able to compete in professional racing cars. The partner of the project in Poland is the organizer of the Mazda MX-5 Cup Poland, the company Unitel Motorsport, which means that participants will overcome the slalom with the legendary Mazda MX-5.


    The first part of the “Digital Challenge” online rivalry is already over in Poland and the finalists will meet at the Modlin Circuit competing on simulators produced by Ragnar Simulator, the promoter of the PZM Polish Digital Motorsport Championship.


    Additionally, on the Modlin Circuit, professional gaming headphones from the JBL distributor in Poland will await the best participants in both competition tracks.


    PZM President, Michał Sikora said: 


    “We are proud that this great project of the International Automobile Federation FIA is very popular in our country – more than 200 people will take part in the Polish qualification. It will certainly be an opportunity to have fun, but above all, it is an unusual way to start a professional career as a rally driver. We will keep our fingers crossed for the Poles who will take part in the European Final”.


    Women have not been forgotten throughout the project, for whom a special continental final is being organised. Therefore, 6 people from Poland will qualify for the next stage of the project: two from Digital Challenge and four (including two women) from Car Slalom.


    On-site, participants will be supported by ambassadors: on Saturday Kajetan Kajetanowicz, three-time European Rally Champion; on Sunday, Gosia Rdest, the fastest Polish woman on race tracks; and all the time Leszek Kuzaj, four-time Polish Rally Champion in 2002-2006.


    You can sign up for the “Car Slalom” until September 21:


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