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    DB Cargo Polska is changing the face of rail transport in Europe

    During the TRAKO International Rail Fair, DB Cargo presented a new, multifunctional modular railcar. Thanks to innovative construction solutions, such as the possibility of length adjustment, the same car during several decades of operation will be able to carry any goods, depending on the current needs of the customer. The cars produced at DB Cargo’s Rybnik plant may soon revolutionise the rail transport market throughout Europe.

    During the presentation of the multifunctional modular railcar at the TRAKO 2021 International Rail Fair in Gdansk, Marek Staszek, CEO of DB Cargo Polska, compared the vehicle to the popular Lego bricks, from which, using the same elements over and over again, a variety of different constructions can be created.


    “Until now, the car has always been a rigid and monolithic structure, serving to carry one particular commodity. DB Cargo has decided to change this paradigm by creating a multifunctional modular car that can be adapted at any time to transport any load – steel, timber, grain, etc. We believe that the cars produced in Rybnik, adjusted to the changing needs of our customers, will set a new standard and direction for the development of rail transport in Europe,” said Marek Staszek.


    The length of the car is not defined – it can be freely changed with millimetre precision. The braking system was installed under the front part to allow for flexible adjustment of the centre beam. It takes just 24 hours to convert a car and adjust its length for the next load. 


    “For our customers, using this type of car will mean saving time and money. It has a full load, volume and tonnage homologation and is approved for traffic, which means that changing the length of a car or the type of goods transported will not require any additional permits or documentation. For 50 or 60 years of the life of a car in such a dynamically changing world, the customer will be sure that his cargo will arrive safely, on time and without unnecessary formalities at its specified destination,” said Łukasz Stokłosa, Head of DB Cargo Poland Production and Maintenance Plant in Rybnik.


    Marek Staszek also reminded that the development of railway transport is part of the Europe-wide policy to reduce emissions as it is the most ecological solution. About 20 per cent of Poland’s total CO2 emissions come from transport, but rail transport is responsible for only about 0.5 per cent of them.


    “It’s worth moving your freight to rail – for the sake of the environment and our shared future. With solutions such as multifunctional modular railcars, we are combining support for business by offering a safe and flexible means of transporting goods with genuine concern for the planet,” said the CEO of DB Cargo Polska.


    DB Cargo Poland has been present on the Polish market since 2009, providing national and international transport and logistics solutions. Using its long-standing know-how and vast experience, it remains a leading logistics provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

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