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    Coffeedesk has launched the issue of shares

    All Good SA, the owner of Coffeedesk – a coffee omnichannel from Kołobrzeg – has launched the second issue of shares through equity crowdfunding. The company wants to raise PLN 4.4 million for, among others, integration of eCommerce tools, expansion of showroom network, and purchase of assortment. In 2020, the company reported a growth of 44% y-o-y and gained 523 shareholders in its first crowd investing issue. This year, 112 thousand Coffeedesk shares will hit the market – each valued at PLN 37.

    Coffeedesk, the leader in coffee eCommerce in Poland with a growing network of showrooms, is now 10 years old and has a strong foundation for further rapid growth. Diversification of sales channels has worked well for this coffee company, as well as business flexibility in building a portfolio of B2B and B2C customers and ways to reach them through eCommerce and a network of stationary showrooms.


    “The customer crosses channels, it makes no difference to them where they encounter the brand – they always want the same products, they expect the data and preference information once provided to be available throughout the system and they expect the highest level of service. Omnichannel is a good way to loyalize, build brand awareness and reach new customers,” says Łukasz Wichłacz, CEO of Coffeedesk.


    Since September 22, the second issue of Coffeedesk shares in the equity crowdfunding model is underway. The campaign is being promoted by Crowdway. More than half of the PLN 4.4 million that Coffeedesk wants to raise from social investors is to be spent on achieving the so-called “omnichannel excellence”, i.e., the development and integration of the company’s sales channels. Investments will be made both in online (B2B and B2C platforms) and offline (showrooms) channels.

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