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    Masovian Cuisine

    Masovian Voivodeship is situated in central-eastern Poland. The largest province with the capital city of Warsaw, whose Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site has the most varied cuisine.

    However, for centuries Warsaw was not only a cultural center, but also a meeting place. Until the end of the 16th century, Warsaw cuisine was synonymous with what was the best of Old Polish cuisine. Warsaw housewives had been preparing aromatic meats, especially venison, accompanied by groats.


    Mazovia is the center of our country in two respects – firstly, of course, the capital city is located there. Secondly, Mazovia is a culinary center – all the flavors of Poland come together.


    No other region in Poland is as culinary diverse as Mazovia. Although Mazovian cuisine is called Old Polish one, it cannot be denied that we can find there both dishes with French, Russian, or German accents.


    Warsaw’s flagship dish is tripe (flaki po warszawsku) served with meatballs. Due to the large amount of fruit and mushrooms that can be found in Mazovia, we can say that Warsaw is the cradle of other very famous Polish dishes. These include mushroom soup and tomato soup. Apart from venison, Warsaw cuisine includes such dishes as roast duck with apples or onion soup.

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