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    Club members from all over the country on their way to Warsaw. They want to say loudly, “You will not extinguish Poland!”

    Club members from all over Poland are heading to Warsaw for a demonstration “You will not extinguish Poland” organized by “Gazeta Polska” Clubs. There are plenty of posts on social media from club members who are on their way to the demonstration, which starts at noon in front of the European Commission’s representation headquarters.

    Punctually at noon, in Warsaw, a manifestation of the Gazeta Polska Clubs under the slogan “You will not extinguish Poland” will begin. It is supposed to be a great patriotic objection to Brussels’ practices towards Poland.


    “It’s time to start protesting against the idiotic moves of the CJEU and their judges,” said Ryszard Kapuściński, head of the Gazeta Polska Clubs.


    “We want to insist on Poland’s right to equality in Europe,” added Gazeta Polska editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz.

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