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    Polish Easter Tradition – Pisanki

    Easter in Poland is all about the observation of Catholic rituals related to the resurrection of Christ, homemade decorations and food, and spending time at the table with family and loved ones. 

    One of the most popular elements of the Polish Easter festivities involves painting and decorating eggs (called pisanki). As a little girl, it used to be my favourite activity related to this period, a fondness that has stayed with me to this day. 

    On Easter Saturday, hard-boiled eggs are painted using special dyes, or traditionally – for a natural effect – red beets or onion skins. The eggs can be decorated in many creative ways, after which they are placed into a basket and – together with other traditional foods – are carried to the Church to be blessed. Afterwards, the family shares them at the table. 

    This Christian ritual using the egg for celebration at Easter dates back hundreds of years, while the egg itself has been a symbol of fertility and revival for thousands of years. Archeological materials indicate that the egg was revered for its magical, life-bestowing qualities by the Slavs long before the advent of Christianity. 




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