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    The golden rule of cybersecurity: continuous development

    Providing security to users of information systems requires continuous development of user and expert awareness of potential threats. Criminals are always one step ahead – agreed participants of the panel “Cyber Security and Digital Identity” held as part of the 590 Congress.

    Last year, cybercrime cost the world $6.5 trillion. That amount is estimated to rise to 10.5 trillion by 2025. The way to minimize these losses is to build awareness of the dangers of cybercrime among Internet users, but especially among experts.


    “Experts usually already have some knowledge and are not thinking about what to do next. They feel safe around their procedures. Such a case as the recent Facebook crash proves that we should be constantly raising our qualifications among experts,” said Sebastian Ferdyn, director of the Cyber Security Department at the National Bank of Poland.


    Piotr Majerczak, member of the board, Director for Infrastructure Maintenance at PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S. A., also agreed with the need for constant development of security measures in computer systems.


    “Systems are evolving, we’re learning, but the skills on the other side are also evolving,” he admitted.


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