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    PGS Software joins Dutch Xebia Group

    One of the largest Polish software houses, PGS Software, has joined the global software group Xebia Group. Wojciech Gurgul has joined Xebia Group’s Board of Directors and will remain in his position as CEO of PGS Software. The companies expect to maintain a high degree of operational independence and work closely together in providing specialized technology services and IT consulting.

    Joining Xebia Group is part of PGS Software’s development strategy: the company was looking for a partner that will enable it to strengthen its presence on international markets and provide access to larger-scale projects.


    “We are looking at PGS Software’s growth in the long term. Partnering with Xebia is the best way to sustain growth not only during the current IT boom but also beyond it,” comments Wojciech Gurgul, President of PGS Software. “Our partner operates worldwide and works with some of the largest companies. For us, this means participating in global, most innovative and technologically challenging projects that reflect our potential”.


    In August this year, in agreement with the management of PGS Software, Xebia Consultancy Services called on the shareholders of the WSE-listed company to sell their shares. The buyout transaction closed on October 4. The merger with Xebia Group does not entail any direct changes in PGS Software’s operations, as the company will remain largely independent.


    Cooperation with experienced international consulting company Xebia is a response to the ambitions of the PGS Software team and the desire to provide further development opportunities for employees. It is also a deepening of specialization in the area of cloud solutions and consulting in digital transformation projects.


    “Our first step will simply be to consistently continue what we have been doing so far,” explains Wojciech Gurgul. “Since the beginning of this year, more than 320 people have joined us and we intend to continue increasing employment. We assume that by partnering with Xebia, it will be easier for us to encourage engineers and developers who are keen to participate in developmental international projects”.


    Together, Xebia and PGS Software have 3,100 employees and a presence in fourteen countries.


    “We want to build jointly a broad portfolio of IT services: consulting, project implementation, and its maintenance and development,” says Wojciech Gurgul. 


    PGS Software is one of Poland’s largest providers of software and IT services to companies worldwide operating in the insurance, finance and investment, mobile health, retail, and manufacturing sectors. It specializes in cloud projects – consulting, cloud-native implementation, application modernization, and cloud migration.

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