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    The second edition of the Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference: the integration of the capital markets will attract investors and companies

    There is no alternative to the integration of stock exchanges in the CEE region, as smaller countries and smaller economies are not able to attract large international investors to their markets on their own, according to participants in a debate during the Second Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference in Warsaw (7-8 October 2021).

    Marek Dietl, President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), stressed that there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the countries of the region, which local exchanges will not be able to serve. According to him, the integration of capital markets – in whatever form it takes – will allow stock exchanges to better meet the needs of clients who are looking for capital, and to attract large investors from outside Europe, such as Asia.


    The CEO of the GPW noted that thanks to the cooperation of the Three Seas Stock Exchanges, whose joint turnover reached EUR 120 billion last year, the voice of smaller markets is already better heard on the European forum and among investors.


    “This cooperation, however, must not be limited to the Three Seas region. Our role is also to support such countries as Georgia or Armenia in their integration with global finance,” said Marek Dietl.


    Nikoloz Gagua, Vice-Governor of the Georgian National Bank, stressed that the concentration of capital markets at the international level has already begun.


    “This is a natural process, related to the fact that growing local companies from smaller economies are looking for resources to expand in those markets where there is potentially more money from investors,” said the National Bank of Georgia Vice Governor.

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