The first concept of covering a representative fragment of the Beskid Niski Mts. with the highest form of protection was mentioned in the program of landscape protection of Poland by the Committee for the Conservation of Nature and its Resources of the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN in 1975. It was also supported by the Polish Forest Society, and the authors of the concept (Falinski J. B., Kozłowski S, Smolski S.) located the planned National Park of about 13,000 ha in the region of Magura Malastowska Mt. and Magura Watkowska Mt.


On the official park’s website we can read: 

“In MPN there were found 57 plant communities in the rank of association or other equivalent units. Forests and shrubs are represented by 16 natural communities and several tree stands of a forecrop type not yet included in particular associations”


Additional information:

- hiking trails (total about 131 km),

- educational Centre together with the Museum in Krempna,

- orthodox church in Chórova,

- orthodox church in Kotani,

- orthodox church in Krempna.


More information about the Park you can find here