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    Autoiso: we will all pay for climate neutrality in 2050

    Autobaza’s analysts warn that there would be a significant increase in the cost of using combustion cars, which will lead to a reduction in the total number of vehicles in Poland.

    The European trend of striving at all costs for a zero-emission economy in 2050 is very strong and forces the limitation of CO2 emissions to such levels that Poland will not be able to meet it without decisive changes.


    In the near future, the effects of these changes will be felt primarily not only in agriculture and construction but also in passenger transport.


    The Polish Order treats CO2 emissions very lightly and there is a laconic statement on improving air quality through investments and programs supporting citizens. 


    However, according to Piotr Korab a member of the management board of autobaza. pl:

    “We already have the direction of the changeset, it’s just that the government doesn’t necessarily want to talk about it openly…”


    The far-reaching analyses e.g., within the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project, cover different scenarios for implementing CO2 emission reductions and the environmental impact of these changes.


    According to analysts, due to the huge cost of this transition, many households will have to give up on car ownership.


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