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    What next with fuel prices?

    We are doing everything to make fuel prices among the lowest in Europe and we are doing everything to prevent fuel prices from growing too much,” declared Orlen’s President Daniel Obajtek in an interview with TV Trwam. He estimated that prices would stabilize.

    “We are doing everything to ensure that fuel prices are among the lowest in Europe and we are doing everything to prevent fuel prices from growing too fast. (…) If we have certain plans, assumptions, which are in terms of margin and terms of volume, if our fuel sales are falling, we automatically lower the price to make up for it much more with the volume of sales and not with the unit price. This is how corporations around the world normally operate,” said the CEO of Orlen, quoted on Radio Maryja’s website.


    Obajtek said that until things calm down in the global economy, “we have to be prepared for all options”. 


    “We are in a global economy. We are not able to decide for ourselves. We have certain mechanisms that we use. In the case of Orlen, we try to produce as much fuel as possible to automatically spread the price over a larger volume. We are trying to increase the load refineries down, we are trying to diversify costs,” he pointed out.


    The Orlen CEO added that Poles currently earn “much more” than they did in 2012, and the price per litre of fuel was then similar to the current one.


    “In 2012 there was already a fuel price of PLN 6. Currently, the price of fuel is also around 6 PLN, but we have definitely higher earnings. We employ people who we also have to pay more because the minimum wage used to be PLN 9, and now it is PLN 18. The price comes from certain outlays that we have to add to the overall price of fuel. As PKN Orlen we do our best to make sure fuels are among the cheapest in Europe and we succeed in that,” Obajtek said.

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