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    Dzyndzałki, dzybdzałki, dzybdzaliki or maybe just dumplings?

    Irregular, round shape with stuffing, with flattened, glued dough around it. Similar to kolduny or ravioli in appearance. Delicious, natural, simple, and full of flavour.

    Dzyndzałki, dzybdzałki or dzybdzaliki are a kind of dumplings resembling traditional Lithuanian kolduny.


    Thanks to the multicultural and multi-religious community of Warmia and Mazury, a wealth of regional cuisine has been created, which combines the flavours of Old Polish, Warmian, Mazurian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian and Prussian cuisine. 


    The dish dzyndzałki arrived in the area of Warmia and Masuria together with people resettled from the Eastern Borderlands. Its name most probably derives from the characteristic edges of the dumpling, in the form of long ears, the so-called ‘dzyndzle’, and from the Lviv name for buckwheat – hreczka. 


    There are two types of dzyndzałki in Warmia and Mazury: dzyndzałki warmińskie, i.e., small dumplings with raw beef, resembling Lithuanian kolduny, and dzyndzałki with buckwheat groats – hreczka and pork rinds – skrzeczki.


    Dzyndzałki with hreczka and skrzeczki won first place during the final of the “Our Culinary Heritage – Flavours of the Regions” competition, in the category “Best regional dishes” in 2018 in Olsztyn.


    Stay tuned! We are preparing a recipe for this delicious dish ?

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