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    “Gazeta Polska” Clubs will visit Hungary again. They celebrate the anniversary of the anti-communist revolution

    Members of “Gazeta Polska’s” Clubs are going to Budapest for the tenth time today to commemorate the Hungarian Uprising. This time, however, their departure will also have a symbolic meaning.

    Members of the GP Clubs have already visited Hungary nine times. The tenth trip will be the largest joint trip since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. For safety reasons, it will only be attended by people who are vaccinated or have valid tests. After an overnight train journey, the club members will arrive in Hungary on Friday morning. On the same day, after welcoming the monument to General Bem, representatives of the Polish and Hungarian governments and patriotic organizations from both countries will lay flowers under the monument. Then the club members will lay bouquets at the Katyn Monument.

    On Saturday, club members will take part in the official celebration of the anniversary of the revolution. They will go on a Peace March that will start from the Műegyetem University of Technology and go to Erzsébet Square.

    After the march, club members will take part in the official celebrations and listen to a speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


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