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    11th European Economic Congress Begins in Katowice

    The 11th European Economic Congress began in Katowice on Monday. It is one of the most significant economic and business events to be held in central Europe, and will this year see more than 150 debates take place discussing the future of Europe’s economies, businesses, and more.

    Amidst a turbulent Brexit and an expected rise of populist parties in the upcoming European elections the EEC is expected to focus on how European economies might work together in the future, potential trade deals and business with a newly-independent United Kingdom, and other international matters.


    Polish energy policy will be another major issue discussed, with the Ministry of Energy discussing plans leading up to 2040.


    Founder of the EEC and President of the PTWP (Polish Society for Entrepreneurship Support) Wojciech Kuśpik announced the event, saying:


    “It’s the eleventh time that we’re meeting with opinion leaders in international circles at the European Economic Congress in Katowice. On 13-15 May 2019 we’ll be sharing experiences and knowledge, discussing the key issues for the European economy, matters of importance for the development of Poland as well as problems and challenges in business from the point of view of the “average entrepreneur”.


    The topic of the future of the European Union is no doubt set to be an uncomfortable one.

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