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    What about the price of fuel?

    The increased fuel price at wholesalers may result in stabilized prices at petrol stations, according to BM Reflex analysts. According to e-Petrol analysts, in the second week of November drivers can expect new – higher price lists at distributors.

    According to BM Reflex, the second consecutive week of decline in petroleum prices on global markets and slowing growth of wholesale prices allow for a slightly optimistic outlook for the future.


    “At least the first half of November should bring stabilization of fuel prices” the bureau’s analysts point out.


    On the other hand, e-Petrol analysts indicate that if fuel station owners decide in the coming days to introduce to retail prices increases resulting from wholesale price changes, with margins still very low, then drivers can expect new higher price lists in the second week of November.


    They forecast that in the case of the popular petrol 95, the average nationwide price should range between 5.98 and 6.14 PLN/litre, while diesel may cost between 5.99 and 6.17 PLN/litre.


    “Autogas prices are unlikely to change and should be in the range of PLN 3.15-3.23 per litre,” e-petrol experts estimate.


    According to the portal’s analysts, OPEC+’s consistent stance should provide support for high crude prices, but investors’ attention was drawn to news on Saudi state television on Thursday that daily output was already planned to rise to 10 million barrels in December, for the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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