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    This is how Belarusian soldiers guard migrants. They have sniper rifles and grenade launchers [VIDEO]

    Sniper rifles and grenade launchers are being used by Belarusian forces stationed near the illegal migrants’ campsite. They are eager to show their weapons… to Polish soldiers. A new video has surfaced on MON’s social media.

    On Monday morning, a large group of migrants moved on the Belarusian side towards the Polish border. The migrants gathered in the vicinity of Kuźnica. The Ministry of Defense reported that day that Interior Ministry services and soldiers managed to stop the first mass attempt to cross the border. The migrants have set up an encampment in the Kuźnica region, guarded by Belarusian services.


    The police reported that the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the illegal immigrants’ nomadism near Kuźnica passed peacefully. In two other places, an action was carried out in connection with the illegal crossing of the border from Belarus by large groups of foreigners. 


    There are already 15,000 Polish soldiers in the border area. Belarusian troops are stationed on the other side… are pushing migrants to the Polish side. As it turns out, Lukashenko’s soldiers are heavily armed, which they are happy to boast about. 


    A video has appeared on the Twitter page of the Ministry of Defense, showing Belarusian soldiers standing near the border with Poland, displaying equipment: including sniper rifles and grenade launchers. The Ministry of Defense calls it a “projection of force on the part of the Belarusians.”




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