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    The March of Independence has started. Organisers: more than 100,000 people are taking part

    November 11 in Poland is celebrated as National Independence Day to commemorate the handing over of the supreme command of the Polish army by the Regency Council to Józef Piłsudski on that day in 1918. The holiday was established by the Polish Sejm in 1937, restored in 1989.

    Independence Day celebrations will be held across the country today. The celebration will begin in the morning. At 9 a.m. President Andrzej Duda handed over general nominations at the Belvedere. This year, the president decided to promote five army officers, including the commander of the TDF (Territorial Defense Force), and four Border Guard officers.


    At 1 p.m., at Dmowskiego Roundabout, in the very centre of Warsaw, the Independence March, organized by national circles, started. The decision was made and announced on Tuesday by the head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Repression Jan Józef Kasprzyk. This has to do with two judgments handed down by courts in the capital city which overturned the decision of the Mazowieckie Province Governor to register the Independence March. Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski also opposed the march. 


    The march, as in recent years, will go from Dmowskiego Roundabout along Jerozolimskie Avenue, Poniatowski Bridge to PGE National Stadium.

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