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    They get instructions, equipment, and gas. Belarus is preparing migrants for a major assault

    – The Belarusian side is preparing today for a major attempt to force the border, the Border Guard reported. It added that more groups of armed officers are reaching the area of the Kuźnica, and the migrants have received gas from Belarusian services, among other things. Additional officers of the Belarusian service also arrived.

    “After a “peaceful” night in the area of the campsite in Kuźnica, we are currently observing that further groups of armed Belarusian officers are being sent to this place. We notice a stir among the migrants. There was also a television news truck,” reported the Board Guard on Twitter.


    Another post added that some tents have disappeared from the encampment and “foreigners are receiving instructions, equipment and gas” from Belarusian services.


    “It can be seen that the Belarusian side is preparing today for a major attempt to force the border. Our forces are on standby,” it was written.


    In turn, the Spokesperson of the Minister – Special Services Coordinator Stanisław Żaryn informed on Twitter that “at the border with Poland on the Belarusian side now and then people appear who escalate the situation”. “This man fired shots in the air, then tried to damage the Polish border barrier,” he wrote, attaching a photo of the man wearing a uniform.



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