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    Several hundred people tried to push the border! “The attack was repulsed”

    A group of several hundred migrants tried to cross the border on Monday afternoon in the area of Starzyna (Hajnówka district). According to Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlasie police, the migrants behaved aggressively and threw stones in the direction of the border guard officers, police, and soldiers.

    On Monday (15 Nov) afternoon there was an attempt to cross the border illegally. A spokesman for the Podlasie police said that at one point the migrants had clashed with border guard officers, police, and soldiers guarding the Polish border.


    “Today about 4 pm, a group of several hundred people unsuccessfully tried to cross the border in the area of Starzyna. Stones were thrown at dozens of police officers as well as border guards and soldiers. One of them damaged the helmet protecting the policeman’s head. The attack was repulsed,” reported Tomasz Krupa.


    The photos published by the Podlasie police show, among others, a damaged helmet, as well as wire and broken boards lying behind them.


    As previously reported by the service, on Monday before noon, a group of migrants, who had been camping near Kuźnica for a week, moved to the Bruzgi – Kuźnica border crossing and gathered on the Belarusian side of the crossing. 


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