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    Scientists from Gdańsk have created a device supporting the fight against COVID-19

    The non-contact CyberRadar device enabling safe monitoring of breathing in patients was developed by scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk. The device can help medics in the fight against COVID-19, as well as in diagnosing people with respiratory and circulatory problems.

    PG (University of Technology) spokesman Maciej Dzwonnik announced on Tuesday that so far two copies of the device have been created. He added that scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology collaborated with specialists from the Medical University of Gdańsk in the work on CyberRadar.


    “CyberRadar is a small device. It can be placed anywhere in the doctor’s office or near the patient’s bed. It has a microwave sensor hidden in a plastic cover, and a sensitive camera for detecting the position of the patient’s eyes and arms, and then +positioning+ the chest. Then, on the built-in screen, it displays data from his current respiratory and circulatory activities,” explained in the press release the head of the Department of Multimedia Systems at the University of Technology, Prof. Andrzej Czyżewski.


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