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    Stones, metal pipes, stun and tear gas grenades… This is what Polish services were attacked with [VIDEO]

    – Polish policemen and service officers were attacked today by such objects as in the attached video (stones, rods, metal pipes, stun and tear gas grenades), the Police informed on Twitter. – The attacks were carried out on the Belarusian side by people inspired to do so by the regime’s services and their functionaries, it was added.

    There was a forcible attempt to cross the border with Belarus today. As we wrote before, the assault of the immigrants started already in the morning. An aggressive crowd supported by Lukashenko regime forces attacked Polish services, which responded by using water cannons.


    The situation was reported, among others, by the Border Guard:


    “The foreigners are throwing stones and objects with smoke coming out of them towards the Polish forces. A bang is heard, through the barbed wire barrier aggressive foreigners have thrown a log of wood,” was written.


    The Ministry of National Defense added that “the migrants were equipped by Belarusian services with stun grenades and they threw at Polish soldiers and officers”.


    The Police also referred to the situation and mentioned the tools used by the persons attacking our officers from the Belarusian side. These included rocks, rods, metal pipes, stun and tear gas grenades.


    A video is also included:



    The attack was repulsed:




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