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    Saryusz-Wolski: EU wants a weak Poland, vulnerable to blackmail

    – Germany aims to let in migrants and keep them here. The result would be that they would end up in Poland and not in Germany – Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, a member of the European Parliament from the Law and Justice party, said in the program “Dziennikarski poker”.

    Poland’s firm attitude against the migrant crisis triggered by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime and the tough defense of our eastern border have received praise from politicians and media in Western Europe, especially in Germany, which seems to be the destination of a large group of migrants from the Middle East concentrated in Belarus.


    “Merkel messed up by talking directly to Lukashenko and in doing so broke the rule not to recognize Lukashenko as the President. Germany is afraid of criticism. The Russians know that Germany cares about Nord Stream 2. Macron and Merkel’s entry into negotiations without the European Union indicates that one should be cautious,” Saryusz-Wolski noted.


    “Immediately after Merkel and Macron talks, the aggression of actions on the Polish-Belarusian border increased. This is more about NATO, not the EU (…) Poland is gaining sympathy, but it is not as good as we would like to see, that everyone supports us and wishes us well. They want a weak Poland that will not let migrants into their countries, but will let them into Poland and will be still vulnerable to blackmail and pressure,” said the MEP in “Dziennikarski poker” (Journalist Poker).


    According to the MEP, the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is connected with the situation in Ukraine, on the borders of which Russian troops are gathering.


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