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    Another incident at the border. Polish policemen attacked by uniformed men

    Near the town of Polovce on the Polish-Belarusian border, two policemen were attacked by uniformed men who threw stones at them from the Belarusian side. Fortunately, none of the Polish officers was seriously injured.

    Podlasie police spokesman Tomasz Krupa said there had been an incident on Wednesday afternoon during an intervention related to another attempt by migrants to cross the border illegally by force. About 70 police officers intervened in the area of Polovets.


    “The policemen were attacked by two uniformed men who were standing on the Belarusian side and threw stones at the officers from the police prevention unit from Szczecin. One of the policemen was hit in the leg with a stone. Fortunately, he was not injured,” – Krupa said.


    He added that similar interventions related to illegal attempts to forcibly cross the border also took place in the vicinity of Klukowicze (Siemiatycze County) and Starzyna (Hajnówka County). For details of these incidents, he referred to the Border Guard.


    The most serious incident so far related to the migration crisis on the border with Belarus took place last Tuesday at the crossing point in Kuźnica, which is now closed. There, Polish uniformed services were attacked with, among others, rocks and flash grenades, police used water cannons.


    The attacks lasted more than two hours; in total, nine policemen, two Border Guard officers and a soldier were injured. The investigation, in this case, is conducted by the prosecutor’s office in Sokółka.




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