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    Prime Minister Morawiecki for BILD on hybrid attracts by the Lukashenko’s regime and the protection of the eastern border of Poland, the EU and NATO

    “The situation is currently stable, but it is becoming more threatening. Belarus is using the migrants as weapons. Their destinations are Germany, France, and the Netherlands. So we are defending the whole of Europe at our border”, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for Bild.

    “I hope everyone will keep their nerve. The Belarussian forces’ provocations are increasing. I hope they will not go one step too far. We Poles are determined to defend our border by all means – which is the easter border of Europe and NATO”, he added. 



    “Lukashenko and Putin are obviously pursuing a strategy to unsettle and destabilize the West. We do not know what else they are planning. It’s also possible that the crisis at the border is just intended as a distraction from new military attacks in Ukraine that Putin is preparing”, said Prime Minister. 


    “We are guarding our closed border. And hardly anybody gets through, even though thousands are trying every night and every day. This shows that one can successfully protect one’s border. As a sovereign state, you also must guarantee that. The same applies to Europe: we must do everything to protect our borders from immigration at the Mediterranean and in the east”. 


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