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    Polish National Parks – The Slovinski National Park

    One of the two, next to the Wolinski, seaside National Parks in Poland. It is located in Pomorskie Voivodeship and is situated on the Baltic coast. Its northern boundary consists of 32.5 kilometres of coastline.

    On the official Park’s website, we can read:

    “It was founded to preserve in the unchangeable beauty, the system of sea-side lakes, bogs, peat bogs, meadows, seaside woods and forests, but first of all, to maintain a dune belt of spits with moving dunes, unique in Europe. The dignity and the natural value of the SNP are testified by the fact of its placement in an international network of protected areas, such as HELCOMBSPA, World Nature Sanctuary or Ramsar wetland area”


    The moving dunes cover a large part of the park from the sea. It is the largest area of moving sand in Europe with an area of about 500 ha. The whole area resembles a sand desert. Some dunes continue to move eastward, even at the speed of up to 10 m per year. The highest of them reach heights of several dozen meters, for example, Łącka Mountain – 42 meters above sea level.


    Additional information:

    – hiking trails (total approx. 220 km),

    – lookout tower on Rowokół hill,

    – the Natural Museum of the Slovinski National Park in Smołdzino,

    – branch of the Natural History Museum of the Slovinski National Park in Rąbka,

    – branch of the Natural History Museum of the Slovinski National Park in Rowy,

    – museum of the Slovincian village in Kluki (open-air museum),

    – military exhibition of the missile launcher in Rąbka,

    – lighthouse in Czołpin.


    Read more about the Park -> the Slovinski National Park


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