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    Official election results announced by the State Election Commission

    Late last night, the Polish National Electoral Commission announced the final results of the elections to both of the chambers of Polish parliament. In summary, Law and Justice won the election in the lower house, gaining the highest support in history. This result allows them to continue their majority rule. The opposition has taken control of the Senate.


    Law and Justice won the Polish parliamentary elections and once again secured a majority in the lower house, but won a simple majority in the Senate.  Jarosław Kaczyński’s party received 43.59 percent of the votes. Second was the Civic Coalition with 27.40 % of the votes. Left Alliance came in third with 12.56%. The lower house entry has secured two more parties, the Polish People’s Party with 8.55% and „Confederation Liberty and Independence” with 6.81%.

    Law and Justice will have 235 house seats, which equates to a majority rule in the 460 seats house. Civic Coalition will have 134 seats. 49 MPs will represent the Left alliance. The Polish People’s Party has secured 30 seats and the „Confederation Liberty and Independence” will take 11 seats.

    In the upper house the majority will  be in the hands of the opposition. Law and Justice has 48 seats and the other 52 will be held by other parties.

    Shortly after the announcement of the election results, the leader of the Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczyński said that the high support for the party gives it a very strong mandate to govern.

    – “Thanks to us, Polish politics has been moved to the next level. No political formation was able to reach the result that we have, no matter the amount or percentage of votes before. We’re very happy. I can say that we got the card to continue the good change, to continue our politics and to continue the change of Poland for the better. “


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