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    Attack of an aggressive group of migrants in the Białowieża region [VIDEO]

    Another attempt to illegally cross the border was thwarted in the Bialowieza region, the National Defense Ministry reported, adding that the attack by “aggressive migrants” was supervised by Belarusian services. 50 people tried to cross the border. The Ministry of National Defence has released a new video showing further provocations by Belarusian services against defenders of the Polish border.

    “Białowieża region: next attempt to cross the border illegally was thwarted yesterday by Polish Soldiers, Police and Border Guard. The attack by aggressive migrants was supervised by the Belarusian services,” wrote the Ministry of National Defense on Twitter, attaching to the post a video showing the nighttime incident at the border.


    The film shows how Polish officers are being blinded with flashlights, and vulgar shouts can be heard in the background.


    “Aggressive migrants supported by Belarusian services are trying to sneak across our border illegally every day. Just as they have done for many weeks, tonight Polish soldiers and officers are stopping Lukashenko’s hybrid attack and defending Poland and all of Europe,” wrote Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak.


    The Border Guard announced earlier on Twitter that 50 foreigners tried to cross the border on the section protected by the Border Guard facility in Białowieża.


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