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    Another attack on the Polish border. Migrants were forcing the fence, with the help of Lukashenko's services [VIDEO]

    More than 230 aggressive migrants forced the Polish border near Czeremcha (Podlaskie province) on Wednesday evening. They were turned back to Belarus. Several people were taken to hospital and Border Guard facilities – informed the Border Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Anna Michalska.

    A group of over 230 migrants gathered on the Belarusian side of the border with Poland near Czeremcha (Hajnówka district) attacked a barrier made of barbed wire. The foreigners behaved aggressively, threw stones and tree branches at the Polish officers.


    In the attack on the Polish Border Guard officers, the migrants were supported by Belarusian services. They blinded Polish Border Guards with strobe lights and lasers.


    The attackers threw logs of trees at our barriers. “They destroyed the fence and the 232-member group entered several meters into Poland,” Michalska reports. The Poles resisted.


    “The officers informed them that they had to leave Poland and escorted them to the borderline,” she added.


    “Five migrants were taken to hospital. These people were exhausted but, according to the doctors, their health condition will allow them to leave the hospital,” Michalska informed.


    Two people from the group that entered the territory of the Republic of Poland were taken to Border Guard facilities and are staying there for the time being. They are father and son. “They are waiting for a woman who is in the hospital,” Lt. Michalska explained.


    “We do not know if they will apply for international protection in Poland,” the spokeswoman admits.


    Last day 375 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Poland were recorded. 



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