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    Belarusian services again threw stones and other objects [VIDEO]

    Polish Ministry of National Defence and Border Guard provided information that “Polish services were once again thrown with stones by Belarusians”.

    “Polish soldiers and officers have to deal with such situations almost every day. Yesterday our services were once again thrown with stones by Belarusians. The situation took place near the village of Tokary,” wrote Ministry of National Defence and attached to the post a video. 


    The Border Guard also published a short video that shows the situation at night. 


    “Today at about 2:30 a.m. on the section protected by the Border Guard facility in Szudziałowo a group of aggressive migrants tried to forcibly cross the border from Belarus to Poland. Stones, metal pipes and firecrackers were thrown towards Border Guard officers and Polish Army soldiers. The attempt was prevented,” wrote Border Guard.




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